Practice Tips for Tarot Professionals Who Offer Online Services

benebell wen


This article will focus on practice tips for tarot professionals who offer online reading services. That can mean you advertise or market your tarot reading services on a business website, offer tarot reading services delivered by e-mail or other electronic means, or will in any way be engaged in commercial transactions online with clients or prospective clients. If that sounds like what you’re doing, then you may or may not find something practical in this long, verbose blog post. (Yes, this is another one of those doozy posts by me…)

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement posted conspicuously on a website that discloses that website proprietor’s information collection and use practices. Privacy laws vary wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but for the purpose of best practices, if you are

(1) using your website to sell any goods or offer paid tarot reading services (in other words, commercial uses)…

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